Michael Farmer 


A Chalice for Michael

New York Times on August 1, 1957




The following information is taken from the New York Times on August 1, 1957:

“Four youths were arrested last night in the aftermath of a teenage gang fight in Washington Heights in which one youngster was fatally stabbed and another wounded seriously.

According to the police, each of the rival gangs had white and Negro members. They said racial tensions had not been involved. The two gangs had been feuding for the last five weeks.

The trouble started when 40 members of the Egyptian Kings attacked five Jesters near George Washington Bridge. Last Saturday, a Jester was stabbed by a member of the Dragons, a gang friendly to the Egyptian Kings.

The victims in the fight Tuesday night were members of the Jesters. The dead boy was Michael Farmer, fifteen years old, of 575 West 175th Street. He had polio when he was ten years old, and he walked with a limp in his left leg. The second boy is Roger McShane, sixteen, of West 170th Street. He was in serious condition last night at Mother Cabrini Hospital.

They were stabbed near the swimming pool at Highbridge Park, West 173 D Street and Amsterdam Avenue.”