Michael Farmer 


A Chalice for Michael

July 30th, 1957 Michael is Murdered




Michael Farmer and Roger McShane, non gang members, were walking through Highbridge Park, in Washington Heights, when they were ambushed by eighteen gang members from two allied gangs,  the Egyptian Kings and the Dragons. The small X in the photograph marks the spot, at the steps to the entrance of the pool, where the two boys were attacked. Michael, unable to run, was beaten and stabbed to death with fists, a dog chain, garrison belts, stabbed with a knife and machete. Michael Farmer died on July 30th, 1957.


                       Thelma Farmer on the Telephone

Michael Farmer (in photograph) Freshman year of  High School in 1956

Highbridge Park - The small X marks the spot where Michael was ambushed

The stairs at Highbridge Park where Michael lost his life